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I am the passenger

I ride and I ride

Nadia Santos
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Character Name: Nadia Santos
Fandom: Alias
Living Arrangements: dorms, room 507 with multi_madrox

Class schedule (Spring 2007)
Traditional Fairy Tales (Period 2)


Spy Tech (Period 1, TA)
Creative Writing (Period 6)

Guitar (Period 4)

Adventuring Survival Tactics (Period 4)

Born in Russia, she was abducted moved to Argentina at a young age, where she has spent the majority of her life. She lived in an orphanage under the care of Sophia Vergara until the age of 10 when she ran away. She has lived on the streets of Buenos Aires for the last five years, mostly as a pickpocket and shop-lifter, before moving on to armed robbery with her then boyfriend, Cesar Martinez. She was arrested during one particularly botched job on a local convenience store, and was given three options: go to jail, join the Argentine Intelligence, or attend Fandom High. She is fluent in both Spanish and English, with a few choice phrases in Russian under her belt.

This is a fake journal for the character Nadia Santos in fandomhigh. Nadia is the intellectual property of JJ Abrams.